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Welcome to Scratch Games

Here at you can find the best online scratch games and promotions. If you are new to scratch cards a.k.a scratch games, this is the perfect place to start learning about the differences between off-line scratch off cards and modern scratch cards the internet has to offer.

While the offline scratch games have been around tens or actually even hundreds of years, the online scratch game is a fairly new invention that is now taking over the internet like a storm. Why is that you may ask, well the reason is simple - online scratch games are very easy to play, safe and much more rewarding then their offline counterparts can ever be. With off-line scratch-off games the return percentage or percentage of payout is often around 50% maybe 60% if you are lucky, but with online scratch cards, well you can get up to 95% payout and that's a HUGE difference!!

Offline vs Online Scratch Games

Let's summarize the real differences between these two:

  • Online payout 95% vs Off-line scratch cards 50-60%
  • Online tickets guarantee that there's always the main price to be won
  • Online games are interactive and more fun
  • Online scratch games are always one click away - day or night
  • Main prize up to a million pounds with online scratch game

So what does for example the payout difference mean to you? Let's look at it this way - Let's say the payout is 50% and you bet through one hundred pounds, then you should be left with 50 pounds and if you bet that 50, then you have 25 left and if you rotate the 25 once more you will have 12,5 pounds left of that hundred pounds you started with - not really good is it? Ok, so what if the payout is 95% - well 100x95%=95, 95x95%= 90,25, 90,25x95%= 85,74.

You see the difference it makes? If you rotate your initial 100 pounds just 3 times at 50% payout you will only have £12,5 left and if you do the same online with 95% payout, well you will still have more then £85 left - which is a huge difference. This means you will have a lot more fun and a lot more chances of winning that big one!!

Let's face it - we play the off-line or online scratch cards in the hopes that we will hit something big one day and the more chances you get for your money, the better the chances are to find and win with that one lucky scratch card and that's why I play online and so should you!

Our recommended place to play online scratch cards

Our favorite web site to play scratch games is This online scratch game site uses the world famous neogames platform that is the worlds most popular scratch and instant win game solution today.

Why we prefer

  • £5 free cash when you open your account
  • 100% first deposit bonus up to £200
  • Over 80 scratch games and more added every month
  • Fully licensed by the government of Malta(EU Country)
  • Fresh and fun look and feel to it
  • Great weekly/monthly promotions
  • Friendly support available 24/7

I think that's already enough said, they are good, reliable and offer great games and bonuses - not to forget the five pounds of free cash that is available for all new players. So click here & try your luck with £5 free at

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